16 Undeniable Truths Only Leonberger Pup Parents Understand

To keep the house in relative order and not to be annoyed with the pet once again, it can be periodically moved into the yard. Moreover, the booth and aviary are not perceived by the fluffy giant as a sophisticated punishment. On the contrary, in the warm season, dogs prefer to chill out somewhere under a tree, climbing into the shadiest corners of the yard. Ideal, from the point of view of the Leonberger himself, the option of summer housing is a cozy shed, set in the garden or on the backyard lawn, next to which there is a small pool (bath), where the dog can cool down a little.

It is more advisable to keep puppies brought from the kennel in the house for up to a year, so equip them with a place in a draft-free corner. Remember that the bone system of a tiny Leonberger takes a long time and is difficult to form, so do not let your baby jump on slippery parquet and laminate. Cover the floors in the rooms with rugs and newspapers, or restrict your pet’s access to that part of the house in which you are not yet mentally ready to ruin the interior. Another construction dangerous for young Leonbergers is a staircase, and indeed any steps. Until one year old, it is better not to allow the puppy to go down the porch or climb to the second floor of the cottage on its own.

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