14+ Reasons Why Leonberger Shouldn’t Be Trusted

Outwardly, Leonbergers seem to be strong men, but in practice, dogs cannot and do not want to work long and hard. This is especially true for puppies, the activity of which must be carefully dosed. There can be no talk of any long walks, let alone jogging until “Leon” is 1.5 years old. Well, so that the animal does not get bored from short walks, do not cut circles along the same route. Change locations more often, letting the baby off the leash in quiet places so that he can play the explorer and get acquainted with objects, smells, and phenomena that are new to him.

Adults are harder, so you can go on long excursions with them. By the way, the activity of a mature dog is usually limited to walking, which is especially valuable for owners who do not have the opportunity to systematically train with a pet. The Leonberger is supposed to walk twice a day, for about an hour. Well, in the summer, given the breed’s innate passion for water, the dog can be taken to the beach, allowing it to swim to its fullest. Just don’t go swimming late at night. The coat must have time to dry before the Leonberger goes to bed. Otherwise – hello, unpleasant smell of dog, eczema, and other “joys”.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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