16+ Undeniable Truths Only French Bulldog Pup Parents Understand

These pets are very attached to their family and are eager to spend literally all their free time with their loved ones. They seem to have absolutely no need for solitude, they love communication and new acquaintances. The French Bulldog is destroying the notion that the bigger the dog, the smarter it is. Their intelligence sometimes surprises – they perfectly understand a person, know how to guess desires, and are well versed in the emotional states of their masters.

Often, they, feeling the heaviness on the soul of a loved one, try to help him with their affection and warmth. The French Bulldog was created in order to be an ideal companion for man, a loyal, kind, and devoted friend. They are balanced and soft, do not create problems, and generally resemble children in many ways. By the way, they love children and adore spending time with them in various games, going for a walk together, and generally like to be in the center of children’s attention.

#1 Weekly brushing with a medium-bristle brush, a rubber grooming mitt or tool will be the best for them👏

#2 In fact, these French prostitutes were the first to call dogs the breed “Bouledogues Francais,” or French bulldogs.

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