16+ Most Beautiful Poodle Tattoos

Natural observation, quick wits, memory, curiosity help the poodle to catch all the nuances of communication – changes in facial expressions, gestures, intonations of the owner – anticipating his further actions and wishes. The dog is ready for anything, just not to upset the owner, therefore, it seeks to exactly fulfill his instructions, and sometimes manages to do this even before he expressed his wishes. If the poodle made a mistake, by his behavior he will demonstrate that he is asking for forgiveness, he has realized everything, and this will not happen again.

The ability to perceive human speech in a poodle is excellently developed. He is believed to know over 70 words. But fans of this breed of dogs are convinced that this number is excessively underestimated. Moreover, many words are understood by poodles by following the movement of a person’s lips. This gift allows them to become excellent companions for deaf and dumb people.

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