16+ Awesome Poodle Tattoos

The poodle is distinguished by outstanding intelligence and quick wit. They say about him: “A poodle is not yet a man, but it is no longer a dog.” It is the intelligence and intelligence of the poodle that determine its behavior, demonstrating unparalleled obedience. It may even seem that this dog is a pleaser, but in fact, he worships his master and recognizes him as an indisputable authority since he realizes that he is smarter than himself. The dog supports the “leader” in all his actions and does not consider it necessary to contradict him. If the owner starts digging the earth in the garden, the poodle will immediately join the work and start digging the ground nearby, and if he decides to sit down and watch the sunset, he will certainly settle down nearby and will selflessly observe this action.

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Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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