16+ Funniest Border Collie Memes

Border Collies are devoted clever people and incredible workaholics who openly despise a passive lifestyle and come to an indescribable delight from any activity associated with increased physical activity and energy consumption. The ancestors of modern boarders were excellent shepherds, so the passion for orderliness is in the blood of these shaggy “managers”. If there is no flock of sheep nearby, the border collie will graze any other living creature, and only an exciting game can distract him from this activity. Representatives of this breed are loyal friends, capable students, and consummate intellectuals. However, in order for the animal to have the opportunity to reveal its potential, the owner will need maximum effort: the border collie is not one of those dogs who are content with a soft bed and a mountain of food in a bowl.

Below we have selected the best memes with these dogs 🙂

#3 When you get caught where you’re not supposed to be.. but still tries to play it cool!

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