16+ Cool Chow Chow Tattoos

The Chow Chow breed has a peculiar character that combines docility and stubbornness. It would seem that these qualities cannot be combined in one living being, nevertheless, they are combined in this dog quite harmoniously. Also, they have inner independence and pride, and the owner should appreciate these qualities since there is no way to get rid of them. Independence, in this case, is manifested rather not as disobedience, but as a general impression that the dog is somewhat detached and as if on his own mind.

At the same time, chow-chow are always happy to play with their loved ones and the owner, treat them with friendliness and love. They have high intelligence, they understand a person well. They have normal energy levels and require walking and exercise. This is also important because this breed is prone to gaining excess weight, in addition, if the Chow Chow does not have an outlet for his energy, he is sad and can even become destructive, causing a mess when no one is at home.

Do you like tattoos with these dogs?

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