16+ Beautiful Chow Chow Tattoos

They do not like to run – if you want to take your dog for a morning run, do not accelerate too much. But chow likes slow running and walking, they are very hardy. Chow Chow has pronounced guarding and watchdog qualities, they are very territorial and are perfect for living in a private house as a watchman. They need early socialization, and acquaintance with other dogs and strangers in order to learn to behave harmoniously with them and take it calmly.

However, do not think that this will make your dog relaxed – if he sees a manifestation of aggression from a stranger, or he enters your territory, the dog will certainly try to stop him. The Chow-Chow breed does not like to be squeezed, hugged, and touched too much, therefore, children need to be taught how to handle the animal correctly. In general, these dogs treat children well if they know how to behave. It is worth mentioning that the Chow Chow breed does not tolerate the use of physical force – it is highly discouraged to beat these dogs.

Do you like tattoos with these dogs?

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