16+ Amazing Facts About Labrador Retrievers You Might Not Know

The Labrador is a fairly popular dog that many families prefer to keep. As one owner said, you cannot wish for the best breed to keep in a house with children. It is difficult to find a more loyal and kind creature with an agreeable character. He will be a friend to a lonely person, a married couple, and kids.

#1 Labrador is the only breed of dog that has webbed fingers, thanks to them they are excellent swimmers, can swim up to 25 meters under water, dive to a depth of 12 meters, jump up to 8 meters in length.

#2 And Labradors also have a very thick undercoat, so getting this dog wet, as they say, is very difficult, “like water off a duck’s back!”

#3 The mouths of these plush boobies are absolutely not meant to bite. Firstly, they are not aggressive, and secondly, they perfectly know how to own it.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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