15+ Facts About Raising and Training a Labradors

The Labrador is a very soft and quick-witted dog, which from birth should be interested in feeding, so it is advisable to train it in a soft playful manner and minimize the use of punishment. Something can reach the Labrador for a long time, and here the owner needs to show perseverance and perseverance and just over-obstinate his pet, but when the Labrador realizes what you want from him, he will be happy to carry out the learned skills for the rest of his life. …

#1 Labradors are incredibly agile and cheerful creatures, even in adulthood they love active games.

#3 You should be persistent, but patient, do not forget about the encouragement (both verbal and with the help of a treat), and avoid boring, monotonous activities in which the pet inevitably loses interest in the process.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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