15 Reasons Why Your Samoyeds Staring At You Right Now

This ancient breed, which has always existed in purity, has never been improved by breeders, so it owes its qualities only to itself. The breed owes its name to the Samoyeds – a tribe of northern nomads (Nenets), who created it and highly appreciated the pure white color: “dazzling white wool with a silvery sheen at the ends of the hair, sparkling like ice, or pure white color with a slight touch of biscuit shade as if reflecting the sun’s rays. ” However, the Samoyed huskies of the past were also of other colors: black and white and sable. At the very beginning of the XX century. the first English breed enthusiasts decided to cultivate only white and biscuit colors. These dogs were used for herding reindeer, guard duty and have always been loved for their beauty and outstanding ability when sledding.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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