10+ Amazing Facts About Anatolian Shepherds You Might Not Know

The Anatolian Shepherd Dog is a breed bred on the basis of the oldest mastiff-like dogs that have lived in Turkey for more than one millennium. This is an exclusively working animal, intended for service to humans, and such a pet cannot sit idle. Taking such a dog into the house, a person acquires not only an assistant but also a great burden of responsibility. The dog is not suitable for beginners and needs a special approach.

#1 The Anatolian Shepherd Dog breed is one of the oldest, and according to various archaeological studies, it comes from hunting dogs that lived 4000 BC.

#2 Due to its enormous strength, fearlessness, the ability to resist even large predators, this dog has earned the respect of ancient people.

#3 The dog came to England thanks to the archaeologist Charmian Hussey – he brought several individuals around 1970.

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