15 Pictures That Prove Springer Spaniels Are Perfect Weirdos

While working with the breed, as spaniels began to vary in weight, the Springer Spaniel was a heavier type, weighing over 25 pounds. Its very name suggests that it scares and raises the game. He has the same hunting qualities as the cocker. But its larger growth and massive build predetermine its hunting use. Unlike a cocker, he is able to bring a large hare or a fox in his teeth. Only in recent years has there been an interest in it among foresters hunting in those places where there is no need for a dog’s stance. The Springer Spaniel differs from the Cocker in both its taller stature, taller and shorter ears, and the fact that it is never of the same color. The Springer Spaniel is the oldest of all English hunting dog breeds. All other English Sport Spaniel breeds were bred from it, with the exception of the Clumber Spaniel. It was originally used to track and feed games on the net for falconry. At present, it is used exclusively as a gun dog for hunting for game, searching for wounded animals, and bringing the game to a hunter.

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