15 Pictures That Prove Golden Retriever Are Perfect Weirdos

The Golden Retriever is a hardy and energetic dog that has a good memory and flair that allows it to work well both on land and on water, where it is able to find knocked out the game. Originally, golden retrievers were bred for hunting (game feeding). Nowadays, golden retrievers have successfully mastered many other professions. They work at customs, look for drugs and explosives, and take part in rescue operations. By nature, golden retrievers are very kind, intelligent, affectionate, playful, and calm dogs, rarely bark, and therefore are not suitable as guard dogs. Golden Retrievers do not tend to dominate, they get along well with children. Recently, in many countries, Golden Retrievers, who have undergone special training, have begun to be used as treatment dogs, brightening the life of babies in shelters and boarding schools for children with mental disabilities. Various breeds are used as therapy dogs, but Golden Retrievers, with their unique receptivity, gentle and upbeat nature, are especially suited for this purpose. If there are elderly people or small children in the family, the Golden Retriever can be recommended as a companion.

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