13+ Pictures That Prove Golden Retriever Are Perfect Weirdos

Initially, the Golden Retriever was bred as a hunting dog-rapporteur. And it was extremely important to bring out a dog, absolutely devoid of any manifestations of aggression both towards humans and towards everyone else, and in particular towards dogs. One person or a large company can go hunting … And they can have one or two dogs with them, or maybe fifteen. It’s scary to think what the hunt will turn into if the dogs constantly sort things out among themselves, or show protective qualities at the moment when one of the hunters sharply throws the gun over his shoulder …

The breeders and enthusiasts of the breed have successfully completed the task set. A real Golden Retriever is a dog with a deep breed temperament, that is, friendly, open, and very friendly to everyone and everything. This is a dog that never displays aggressive behavior! Smiling golden, cheerfully wagging his tail to anyone – this is normal and very, very correct !!! This kind of character, presumably, first of all, was the reason that the hunting dog of the Golden Retriever breed eventually became an ideal family dog, a favorite of adults and children, a wonderful companion dog. Not to mention the fact that in addition to all its virtues of character and temperament, Golden is also amazingly handsome!

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