15+ Best Schnauzer Tattoos

Schnauzers of all sizes are very smart and willful, they definitely need a strong and tough enough owner, as dogs of this breed sometimes try to dominate the soft-hearted and prank-tolerant owner. Schnauzers are active and playful (especially at an early age). They are excellent watchmen, with distrust of new people. With the right upbringing, they are tolerant of other animals, they get along well with family members of the owner. Schnauzers, whose education has not been given due attention, can be quite vindictive and disobedient, but this is the owner’s fault, rather than the dogs. Experienced breeders and dog handlers call schnauzers “dogs with human intelligence” – they are so smart, obedient, able to calculate the situation down to the smallest detail thanks to their excellent instinct and developed intuition.

Do you like tattoos with these dogs?

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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