12+ Great Schnauzer Tattoos

Schnauzer puppies should be subjected to early socialization, which will consist not so much in teaching commands but is getting used to life in the family and society. From the very beginning, the owner must show the dog that its role is of the second plan, that is, even a small puppy must be aware that the owner is not a toy, not his servant. You should not yell at the baby rudely, you should not beat, but in the process of upbringing, when the schnauzer puppy shows aggression, bites, spoils the furniture or personal belongings of the owner, you can strictly talk to the animal or (in extreme cases) slightly push with a twig on the rump. In order for the process of getting used to a new family and life to be successful, it is not bad to introduce elements of the game into the upbringing of a puppy, while not allowing the little schnauzer to cross the border of what is permissible. These dogs learn easily and quickly when they are interested.

Do you like tattoos with these dogs?

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