15+ Amazing Facts About English Mastiffs You Might Not Know

There is no trace of the fighting past of the English Mastiff. Modern representatives of the breed are calm and friendly dogs that show amazing consistency before mood swings. In the character of these animals, traits of immigrants from Old England can be traced: tolerance, reliability, and greatness. Mastiff knows his worth, never stoop to puppy pranks, and behaves with such nobility that individuals of royal blood are involuntarily remembered. At first glance, the dog seems to be an inveterate phlegmatic, but it is not. Deep down, the “English” have an amazing love for their family members.

#1 The breed has come a long way since the days when they fought in battle or were pitted against lions and other wild animals.

#2 Kind, dignified, and courageous, they have the same wild puppyhood as any other breed, but mature into a calm and quiet dog who loves being with people.

#3 They love children, although the pup can unintentionally bowl them over simply by bumping into them.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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