14+ Things Only Vizsla Owners Will Understand

An ideal place for keeping such a pet is a private house with its own yard and a forest nearby, but due to its wonderful character, the vizsla can live in a city apartment without any problems, with the proper amount of activity and walking. It should be noted that if you do live in a private house, these dogs are excellent for guard functions, although they are friendly to people. But – not when they are responsible for the house and household.

With strangers, friends of your home, you most likely will never have problems, since your pet, after a very short period of acquaintance, will try to make friends with your guest. Conflicts with other dogs are rare, but cats, and in general any small animals will be of potential interest as prey. Accordingly, if you are planning to have a cat as well, it is best to train your dog to be feline at a very early age.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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