14+ Reasons Why Vizslas Make Great Pets

The description of the Hungarian Vizsla breed includes good getting along in families with small children. They also get along quite well with other pets, with the exception of rodents (hamsters, chinchillas, rabbits, mice), birds.

Most breeders look to a specialist when it comes to training Hungarian. Each member of this breed needs a unique approach, so an inexperienced breeder may not be able to cope with training and coaching on basic teams.

Despite this, the Hungarian Vizsla is a rather unpretentious breed, it is perfect for a novice dog breeder. The dog does not require special care or nutrition, is in good health, and is very friendly.

#1 The Hungarian Vizsla is considered one of the most intelligent and hardworking dogs with a high level of intelligence.

#3 I will survive because of her habit of chewing something all the time, gnawing is called, jokingly, a “ruminant” animal.

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