14+ Reasons Why Akita Inu Make Great Pets

This breed is a masterpiece of nature. The appearance of the doggie speaks of its greatness and consistency. Her every movement, confident look, posture, gait are signs of nobility and strength. The popularity of this breed is more and more interesting not only because of the external beauty but also because of its temperament and character. She is characterized by strength, courage, obedience, and restraint. For a long time, Japanese samurai believed that this particular breed is a worthy reflection of themselves. Thanks to their excellent hunting instincts, these dogs were reliable guards for the imperial court.

#1 The dog is endowed with harmony in absolutely everything. Its appearance has successfully combined the classic form and originality.

#3 Possessing external restraint and great dignity, the dog is endowed with a hot temperament.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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