14+ Reasons Why German Shepherds Make Great Friends

The German Shepherd dog ranks third in the ranking of the most highly intelligent, intelligent dogs. Dogs of this breed by nature have a high level of intelligence, with the right approach, they are perfectly amenable to training, they can do any job, tasks that are unbearable for many other breeds. The versatile qualities of the breed are highly valued by specialists from various special services. German Shepherds are irreplaceable assistants in military service, army, patrol-search service. Thanks to their well-developed intuition, keen instinct, and balanced psyche, the Germans are excellent guide dogs. A high mind is exactly what is highly valued and captivating in this breed.

#1 These dogs quickly memorize new commands and perform difficult tricks with pleasure. They strive to fulfill any desire of the owner, but on condition that a trusting relationship is established between the pet and the owner.

#2 With proper upbringing, the German Shepherd becomes a good “nanny” for kids.

Females are especially sensitive to children. They courageously endure twitching of the tail, ears, and other parts of the body, but this does not mean that the dog can be left alone with the child.

#3 The Sheepdog is strongly attached to only one person, but she also treats the rest of the family favorably and will defend each of them.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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