14+ Historical Facts About Weimaraners You Might Not Know

The history of the appearance of this dog is shrouded in mystery and is deeply rooted in history. There are different versions of the origin of these dogs.

In the Middle Ages, such dogs were mentioned in ancient manuscripts.

Some documents from that time speak of the dog of Saint Louis, resembling a modern Weimaraner.

#1 The most famous work of the Middle Ages is the “Book of Hunting” by Count Gaston de Foix (1331–1391). It details the gray dogs of Saint Louis.

#2 There are tapestries depicting hunting scenes of the nobility of that time with these dogs.

#3 The success of these dogs was such that by the end of the fourteenth century, very many noble people in France kept gray dogs, which were certainly used to hunt large animals: deer, wild boar, bear.

After that, when the beast became smaller, these dogs were taught to hunt birds.

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