14+ Facts About Raising and Training Rottweilers

Dogs of the Rottweiler breed are insanely loyal to their owner and family, are smart, lend themselves well to training and training, have excellent guarding qualities, but still, given the specifics of this breed, future owners should know how to properly organize the upbringing of a Rottweiler in order to raise an obedient and controllable dog. In the process of training, especially among inexperienced dog breeders, many questions may arise, therefore in this section, we will consider how to train a Rottweiler and teach a dog to obey commands unquestioningly, which mistakes are most often made by breeders in raising this breed.

#1 Keeping an untrained Rottweiler at home is a serious extreme that will cost the dog owner too much in the future.

#2 When buying a puppy of this breed, start looking in advance for an experienced trainer for him.

#3 Paid training courses are also relevant in those cases when it comes to the upbringing and socialization of an adult who previously lived with another owner.

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Written by Mary Allen

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