14+ Facts About Raising and Training Corgis

For a novice breeder, first of all, it is necessary to be patient, because the Welsh Corgi is a breed that requires first of all attention. After acquiring a puppy, it is advisable for an amateur cynologist to continue to maintain contact with the breeder since questions about raising a pet will come up from time to time. For a real breeder, selling a Welsh Corgi is only the first stage, he is also interested in the puppy developing correctly.

#1 A small hint for the owner will be the fact that you can refer to the literature about the German Shepherd Dog in the cultivation of the Welsh Corgi, they are similar in psychological characteristics.

#2 Before you bring the puppy into the house, you need to make some preparations: hide the cords from electrical appliances, telephone, Internet; pick up shoes from easily accessible places.

#3 The presence of toys and material that can be gnawed is the key to the correct development of an animal of this breed, however, communication with the owner is irreplaceable.

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