14+ Facts About Raising and Training Akitas

This dog conquers at first sight with its intelligent look, smiling muzzle. Cynologists say that the breed is one of the oldest on earth.

Akita Inu should not be taken if there is no experience in raising dogs. Do not rely on videos on the Internet, as these animals have a complex character with certain characteristics. They are independent, proud, intelligent, and thoughtful. Akita will not obey just because you have appointed yourself in charge – he will respond with devotion and obedience to the one who proves his love to him.

#2 The most important period is from 3 weeks to 4 months – this completely determines whether a dog can get along with a person or not, whether it grows up aggressive, how it will react to new people and animals in the future.

#3 Akita Inu must understand that only the owner defines the boundaries of his world, having the rights of a leader.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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