14+ Facts About Raising and Training a Boxers

Cheerful, playful, curious, cheerful, energetic – these traits fully characterize German boxers. And also these dogs are loyal, a member of his family is very attached to their owner. Positive traits remain with a boxer all his life, he likes it when there are a lot of people and noise around.

A boxer who has undergone a good training school gets along well with small dicks, treats them carefully, never offends, and plays with them with pleasure. He will not be a great companion for your child, but also a reliable guard.

#1 The German Boxer at the age of 18 months is already an adult dog, fully formed physically. However, the inner world by the age of one and a half still remains “childish”.

#2 Attempts to train a dog during the period of his emotional immaturity are practically futile, that is, he does not respond to commands, the owner even begins to think that he is communicating with a deaf person.

#3 But at one fine moment in training a breakthrough comes, and your pet suddenly begins to understand everything that they tried to teach him before, but in vain.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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