11+ Pictures That Prove Shih Tzu Are Perfect Weirdos

Such dogs are quite playful and very attached to their owners. They are calm and well-mannered, thanks to which they will be able to become a real keeper of your home. It is also worth remembering their incredible affection for a person – left unattended, Shih Tzu are very bored. Get ready for the fact that your pet will follow you wherever you go, but will not become overly tedious with obsession.

This breed is a loyal and hardy companion. Dogs get along well with the family because they are very loving and know how to share their love with all the inhabitants of the house, without choosing one owner. But this gullibility and the need for affection leads to the fact that physically strong Shih Tzu cannot fulfill the role of a guard dog – they are too sociable and cheerful. For young children, puppies of this breed are far from the best option, since they can take the baby “for their own” and will not observe the respectful distance.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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