10 Tips For Relaxing With Your Dog At Home

Is it popular to rest with a dog at home? No problem! Because even at home you can have a wonderful vacation with your four-legged friend. Thanks to these tips, a varied holiday program will be crowned with success.

Resting with a dog can also be interesting at home. Especially when you and your four-legged friend are collecting a lot of impressions. However, always make sure that the vacation program is stress-free and, for example, avoid excessive heat.

Excursions and routes should always be appropriate for the fitness, age, and health of your four-legged friend. And one more thing: follow the weather forecast.

The Smell in the Zoo

This is an unforgettable experience for dogs: the zoo has a lot to see, hear and smell. But there are not only strong-smelling big cats, howling wolves, funny monkeys, and splashing polar bears, but also a delicious snack for dogs. After this excursion, the dog will sleep well.

Swim on the Water

Not every dog has ever paddled a boat on a lake or river. Rough ground, rushing water, and sometimes a completely different view are impressive experiences for four-legged friends. Also cool: standing with your four-legged friend on the surfboard.

Home Rest with a Dog: in the Mountains

Fitness, health, and age must be right on the hike. Therefore, make sure you choose the appropriate difficulty level for the route. Once a suitable challenge is found, you can breathe in the fresh mountain air, watch cows in the alpine pastures, grab a snack in the hut and take a gondola ride down to the valley. It really is not a boring vacation with a dog.

Get to Know Your Homeland

Sometimes you live in one place for a long time and do not know the surroundings very well. Dog Holidays at home are made for flying visits: castle park, nature trail, dog beach, walking around town, visiting an ice cream parlor, wildlife park, castle ruins, or dog club – you can take a look at this. You can also try a geosphere tour with a dog. And who knows: you may meet a new friend – a human or a dog.

Outdoor Activities

Dogs are also welcome at many outdoor events. Music in the beer garden? Go there and please don’t forget about the dog food. People shop in the market with seductive scents. Profitable hunting at a flea market can be interesting with your four-legged friend.

Water Time

This is something for water lovers: it’s good for your health and swimming is good for your joints. Your dog can also pick up the ball from the water. Subsequent sunbathing is a pleasure for the fur nose and people. Warning: Dog needs shade too! If there is something else tasty in the picnic basket, the dog is perfect, and he will get the strength for walking on the lake or jogging.

Bike Tour Through the Forest and Meadows

You can also enjoy cycling holidays. Sport dogs run on a leash holder next to the bike, others are allowed to sit in a dog basket or bike trailer. What will the bike tour be like without a break? Observation platforms, glades, and park benches are suitable for this.

Carriage Ride

Here’s what: a dog in a horse-drawn carriage. Trips outside the city are recommended for dogs as there are no exhaust fumes and no noise. Instead, there are thumping hooves, snorting nostrils, healthy country air, and a leisurely ride for sniffing dog noses, alert ears, and prying eyes.

Walking in the Woods with a Dog

You can walk in the woods – and you can try it yourself with your dog. You can completely focus on your dog: what does he sniff, where does he stop when he listens? Do this and experience the forest with all your senses. Playing hide and seek behind a tree is fun. And on the soft forest floor, you can relax and adapt to the dog’s breathing. Both of you can keep your balance on a lying tree trunk.

Meadow Yoga for Two

Yoga in the meadow with a dog is a very special experience. Choose an exercise in which your dog can jump on his back or stomach, walk around you, or walk with his legs apart. Easy holiday yoga for fun is ready.

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