10 Things Cats Just Can’t Be Mad At

Cats have some habits that may seem a little tiring or annoying to non-cat owners. But even if cats do something wrong – cat owners simply can’t be mad at them for these 10 things!

No matter what the cat does, cat owners can’t be really angry with their house tigers – not even with these 10 things!

Take Away the Best Spot in Bed/on the Sofa

Cats have a talent for always choosing the best spot on the sofa or in bed. Often in such a way that the person no longer has any space on it. But you can’t really be mad at the cat for that. As a cat owner, you’d rather squeeze yourself onto the sofa next to the cat – of course very carefully, so that it doesn’t wake up.

First Almost Starving, Then Not Eating

Which cat owner doesn’t know that? First, the cat meows as much as it can, follows people everywhere, and always tries to lure them towards the food bowl. But when it is finally filled, the cat only sniffs the food briefly and walks away unimpressed. This can be quite annoying, especially if you then have to throw away the wet food. And yet we would do it again for our beloved cats every time!

If your cat is very picky or sensitive when it comes to food, you can try to make the food particularly palatable.

Prefer the Old Box To the New Toy

There are many different cat toys on the market. This is also important because cats need both physical and mental activity and variety to stay healthy. But have you ever experienced that you bought your cat a nice new toy and she wasn’t interested in it at all? Instead, she prefers the old cardboard box.

Our tip: Physical and mental, varied activity is very important for cats. But cats have different preferences too. Therefore, try out a bit to see what kind of games your cat likes best.

Wake Up Early in the Morning

Many cats are little sleep robbers, waking their people up in the middle of the night or early in the morning – out of hunger, boredom, or some other reason. Unimaginable for non-cat owners, but for many cat owners it is quite normal. Even if it’s exhausting, you get out of bed at 5 a.m. to fill the bowl for your beloved cat.

Tip: There are a number of things you can do to make your cat happy. But cats can learn too. So if it bothers you that your cat is always waking you up, you can work on breaking the habit!

Put in the Laundry Basket with Fresh Laundry

A point that has probably happened to many cat owners before: you have just folded the freshly washed laundry and stacked it in the laundry basket, and the cat comes along and makes itself comfortable in it. This is annoying because the fresh laundry is immediately covered with cat hair again. But as the saying goes? If you don’t have cat hair, you’re not properly dressed… So for real cat lovers, that’s only half the problem!

Occasional Surprise on the Floor

Occasional vomiting in cats is not uncommon, as it serves as a cleaning function for house tigers. Cats often spit out hair or grass they have eaten. This may be a bit disgusting and annoying (especially at the beginning), but for real cat lovers and cat lovers, there is no reason to be angry!

If you occasionally find leftovers from your cat on the floor, that’s nothing to worry about at first. You should see a vet if your cat vomits very frequently or if the vomit is food rather than hairballs. Also, if the vomit is dark in color, smells like feces, or if the cat is showing other symptoms of illness, you should see a veterinarian immediately. It can, for example, be caused by a worm infestation, but also by a life-threatening intestinal obstruction.

Cannot Make a Decision

Closed doors are one of those things that all cats hate. No matter which side you are on, you would always prefer to be on the other side. Even with cats that are allowed outside, it’s often the case that they simply can’t make up their minds when it comes to the question “out or in?”. If you let them outside, they’d rather go back in, and once inside, they want to go out again straight away.

This indecisiveness is often associated with meowing and scratching and gets on the cat owner’s nerves. But be mad at the cat for that? No option! No matter how many times the cat changes its mind, the door will always be opened for it.

Put on the Laptop

Many cat owners know it: It doesn’t matter whether you’re sitting with your laptop at the table or on the sofa, the cat will quickly come along and either lie right on the keyboard or try to squeeze between the human and the laptop. This can be annoying for the cat owner, especially if he has to work, for example. But you just can’t be mad at the cat either… you’re more likely to be happy about the great company.

Throw Something Off the Table

Especially when they are alone at home, many cats like to go exploring and jump onto the dining table, kitchen counter, or dresser. It can happen that one or the other decorative element falls down and breaks. But even if, as a cat owner, you might be a little sad about it: As soon as you look at the cat, all negative feelings are quickly gone.

By the way: There is absolutely no point in scolding the cat in such a situation. If she breaks something during the day and you scold her for it when you get home at night, she will no longer associate your displeasure with the fact. She will just be confused. Time-delayed scolding is therefore a real no-go in cat training.

Scratch Furniture

Cats need something in the home to sharpen their claws on. If there is no possibility for this, for example, a scratching post, the house cats also like to use the furniture – much to the annoyance of their owners. But many cat owners can’t be mad at their cat for this and accept that the furniture will be damaged.

Tip: If you keep a few things in mind, you can prevent your cat from using your furniture as a scratching post. Rule number 1: A real scratching opportunity such as a scratching post must always be available.

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