10 Facts About the Cat Butt

You don’t talk about some topics, but we do it anyway: A cat’s bottom is a health barometer and a source of bizarre facts. Read 10 things you should know about cat butt.

To get to know your cat even better, you should also know these 10 facts about the cat butt.

Chemical Messages

With every “big deal” a cat releases a pheromone message that only other cats can decode and that serves to mark territory. The corresponding secretion is formed in the anal sacs of bacteria. Researchers examined the secretions of a Bengal cat and found that it contained 127 different chemical compounds.

Declaration of Love

Surely every cat owner has had a fur bottom on his face at some point. That’s not a sign of disrespect, however: “It’s normal for cats to sniff each other’s butts to say hello or to confirm another cat’s identity,” according to American feline behaviorist Mikel Delgado. So stretching your butt out is like a friendly invitation like “Hey, meet me!” or a simple “Hello!”.

Location of the Anal Sacs

If you look closely, you can see the exit ducts of the anal sacs: Think of the cat’s anus as a clock, and the exits of the anal sacs are at around four and eight o’clock. The sacs are lined with glands that produce the anal sac secretion. If this cannot drain off, inflammation can occur – this is less common in cats than in dogs.

Very Sensitive Spot

The perineal area – i.e. the area around the anus – is very sensitive and houses a large number of nerve endings. Whatever is wrong back here – be it bite injuries, infection, or inflammation – causes a lot of pain. Since cats can usually stand this for a long time, the buttocks should not be excluded from the daily routine check.

No Need for Toilet Paper

Normally you don’t have to help your cat “wipe up”. Overweight cats or those with joint problems may have trouble keeping their buttocks clean. Here you should help with a soft cloth and warm water. Even senior cats sometimes need a little help cleaning hard-to-reach areas of their bodies.

Take Sledding Seriously

When “sledding” the cat rubs its rear over the ground. The reason for this can be excrement residues that stick to the buttocks and/or fur and are uncomfortable for the cat. But also itching, an inflammation of the anal sacs, or a worm infestation can be behind the “sledding”.

Muscular Cat Butt

In cats, the musculus gluteus maximus and the gluteus medius (i.e. the same butt muscles as in us) are said to be hidden behind fur. However, some veterinarians also say that although cats have muscles, they are much further away from the buttocks than in humans.

Do Cats Have to Fart?

Cats fart too, albeit less often than dogs. In fact, the vast majority of it is odorless. However, poor diet, a food allergy, lack of exercise, or gulping down food too quickly can cause persistent smelly fart concerts.

Curious: Katzenpo XXL – Kit Kardashian

Arguably the biggest bottom in the cat kingdom is “Kit Kardashian,” a cat from Surrey, England, who made headlines in 2015. Her backside measured about 25 centimeters in width. Of course, this also meant that Kit was very overweight – she weighed over 8 kilograms. Her foster mother at the time, Miss Smith, but the plump cat girl on a strict diet.

Curious: Jewels for the Cat’s Butt

The “Cat Butt Covers” from the company Twinkle Tush can hardly be surpassed in terms of curiosity: small jewel discs that are hung on the cat’s tail and are supposed to hide the butt hole behind glitter and shine. Twinkle Tush sees itself as an absolute joke gift that no cat has to wear. So the existence of the butt jewels can safely remain in the vastness of the Internet.

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