Why Does My Dog Actually Follow Me Everywhere?

Whether in the kitchen, in the bedroom, or even in the toilet: some dogs follow their masters everywhere. Do you know this behavior from your dog? Here you can find out what the reasons might be.

Some dogs – and cats! – follow your people wherever they go. This may annoy you. But it’s actually cute when your dog seems to love you so much that he always wants to be there for you. Because that’s what he shows with his behavior, right?

One possible answer is very clear: yes!

After all, dogs are beasts of burden. They like to stay close to their pack – in this case, next to you. If your dog enjoys being with you, this is a clear sign of affection.

Does your dog never leave you? Do you think he’s bad when he’s alone? Then your dog may be struggling with anxiety disorder.

Your Dog May Be Chasing You Out of Fear

To find out, you can look for other signs of anxiety. Does your dog lick air even when there is no food around? Does he yawn when he really can’t get tired? This indicates an anxiety disorder in your four-legged friend.

The expert advises consulting a veterinarian if you suspect your dog has a mental disorder. He can examine your four-legged friend and, if necessary, treat him accordingly. After all, it’s important for your dog to get along without you for a while.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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