Who currently holds the title of Dulux dog?

Introduction: The Iconic Dulux Dog

For many people, the Dulux dog is an instantly recognizable symbol of the popular paint brand. The friendly, white and black Old English Sheepdog has been the face of Dulux for over 50 years, appearing in a wide variety of advertisements, promotions, and marketing campaigns around the world. But who currently holds the title of Dulux dog, and how did they earn the honor?

The History of the Dulux Dog

The Dulux dog has a long and storied history, stretching back to the early 1960s when the paint manufacturer ICI first introduced the lovable mascot to the public. The original dog, named Shepton Dash, was chosen for his distinctive appearance and friendly personality, which made him a natural fit for the brand. Over the years, several other dogs have taken on the role, each one carefully selected for their suitability and charm.

The Role of the Dulux Dog in Advertising

The Dulux dog has become a beloved and iconic figure in the world of advertising, helping to promote the brand’s image and message to customers around the globe. From TV commercials to print ads, the lovable pooch has been a fixture in Dulux’s marketing campaigns for decades, offering a friendly and approachable face to consumers who are looking for quality paint products. In addition to his role as a spokesperson, the Dulux dog has also been used in various promotional events and activities, such as charity fundraisers and community outreach programs.

The Search for the Next Dulux Dog

Finding the right dog to carry on the legacy of the Dulux dog is no easy task. It requires careful consideration and a thorough selection process, which involves evaluating each candidate’s appearance, personality, and temperament. In recent years, Dulux has held several nationwide contests to find the next Dulux dog, inviting owners to submit photos and videos of their pets for consideration. The competition is always fierce, with hundreds of entries from across the country vying for the coveted title.

The Current Dulux Dog: A Brief Profile

The current Dulux dog is a charming and friendly Old English Sheepdog named Digby. He was chosen for his striking appearance, with his distinctive white and black coat and adorable droopy face. Digby has been the face of Dulux since 2013, appearing in numerous advertisements and promotions for the brand. He is known for his playful personality and love of attention, making him a favorite with fans of all ages.

The Name and Breed of the Current Dulux Dog

As mentioned earlier, the current Dulux dog is an Old English Sheepdog named Digby. This breed of dog is known for its shaggy coat, gentle nature, and loyal disposition, making it an ideal choice for the role of Dulux dog. Digby was born in 2011 and was selected from a nationwide search to find the next Dulux dog.

The Personality of the Current Dulux Dog

Digby is a friendly and outgoing dog who loves attention and interaction with people. He is known for his playful nature and his ability to make people smile, whether he is posing for photos or just hanging out with his owners. According to his handlers, he is a very well-behaved and obedient dog who loves to please his human companions.

The Training and Work of the Current Dulux Dog

Like all Dulux dogs before him, Digby has been carefully trained and prepared for his role as a brand ambassador. He has undergone extensive obedience training, as well as specialized training for his work in advertising and promotions. His handlers work closely with him to ensure that he is happy and healthy, and that he is always ready for his next appearance.

The Success and Popularity of the Current Dulux Dog

Since taking on the role of Dulux dog in 2013, Digby has become a firm favorite with customers and fans of the brand. His friendly and approachable nature has helped to reinforce Dulux’s reputation as a trusted and reliable paint manufacturer, and his charm and personality have won him many admirers. He has appeared in numerous TV commercials and print ads, as well as making personal appearances at various events and promotions.

The Future of the Dulux Dog Title

The Dulux dog has been a fixture in the world of advertising for over 50 years, and it seems likely that this beloved mascot will continue to play an important role in the brand’s marketing strategy for many years to come. As long as Dulux remains committed to finding the best and most suitable dogs for the role, there is little doubt that the Dulux dog will continue to capture the hearts and minds of customers around the world.

Conclusion: The Enduring Legacy of the Dulux Dog

The Dulux dog is a true icon of the advertising world, beloved by generations of consumers who have grown up with his friendly face and lovable personality. From his early days as Shepton Dash to the current incumbent, Digby, the Dulux dog has remained a constant presence in the brand’s marketing campaigns, helping to reinforce its commitment to quality, reliability, and customer service. As long as there are paint customers who appreciate a friendly and approachable brand image, the Dulux dog will continue to hold a special place in the hearts of people around the world.

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