Where Do Koalas Live?

Habitat: Mainly eucalypt forests. They are found in temperate, subtropical, tropical, and mostly dry forest areas where their favorite species of eucalyptus and shelter trees still thrive.

Koalas make an important contribution to Australia’s environment and ecosystems as their droppings provide nutrients to the forest floor. In this way, they promote the growth and regeneration of forests and contribute to greater biological diversity. Small mammals and insects also feed on their excrement. In addition, their fur is extremely warming, so birds use the fur hair to build their nests.

People in Australia and around the world love the cute animals, they are ambassadors for other native wildlife. By protecting koalas and their habitat, we are also protecting the habitat of many other animals and plants.


One of the biggest threats to koalas is habitat loss. Clearing and urban sprawl are destroying the vital eucalyptus forests that provide koalas with food and shelter. As a result, koalas are at greater risk of being injured or even killed by dog attacks and vehicle collisions. The increasing stress affects the health and welfare of the animals and contributes to the development of diseases sooner or later. In recent years, climate change, along with unprecedented bushfires and droughts, have nearly wiped out koala populations in some areas of New South Wales.

How many koalas are there left?

This question is not easy to answer, since it would have to be researched very laboriously by scientists. Koalas are difficult to spot in the wild, and they roam vast areas that are not consistently mapped or monitored.

However, we do know that millions of koalas used to live in Australia, while nowadays it is only a matter of luck to spot a single specimen. Populations are declining rapidly in Queensland and New South Wales in particular, while the animals are even more common in Victoria and South Australia. In any case, their well-being is severely threatened. Koalas are in danger and urgently need all of our support.

Where does the koala live and what does it eat?

Weight: 11 to 14 kilograms. Life expectancy: males about 10 years, females about 15 years. Habitat: East coast of Australia. Diet: Leaves and bark of eucalyptus trees.

Why are koalas only found in Australia?

Originally widespread in Australia, koalas were hunted for their fur and as a result became extinct in many areas. Some of them could be resettled. A reserve is, for example, Kangaroo Island off Adelaide, where the koala was not originally at home.

What is special about koalas?

It is true, however, that the koalas sleep a lot because of their diet. Eucalyptus does not contain much energy and digestion is extremely slow. If the koala wants to get the most out of the leaves, he needs to keep them in his gut for as long as possible.

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