When Cockatiels Nibble, They Do It With Common Sense

Anyone who owns a cockatiel knows how much mischief such a little guy can do. Cockatiels are flying rascals and that’s why they are so lovable. But doing nonsense costs a lot of energy, which is why the food supply must be correspondingly rich, varied, and rich in vitamins.

Feats? No Feat for a Cockatiel

A balanced diet is essential for a cockatiel’s health. In addition to a basic mix of different seeds, which are offered as special cockatiel food in your pet store, there is an abundance of other delicacies. First and foremost are cob and panicle millet.

There are hardly any cockatiels who are not enthusiastic about millet. It corresponds to a species-appropriate diet if the birds do not only take their food from bowls. The millet can be hung up so that it is difficult to reach, this prevents boredom and encourages movement. Cockatiels are amazing climbers and are always ready to perform real tricks for a coveted treat.

Variety is Required

you can make them happy with branches from local deciduous trees such as birch, beech, or willow. Your housemates also love grass, cooked and sprouted food, in which you can add vitamins and minerals. Fruit and vegetables are unfortunately spurned by many cockatiels, but they provide the necessary vitamins. In the case of persistent refusal, creativity and perseverance are required. But it can take time for your little friend to discover how good fruit tastes. Until then, there are vitamins from your Fressnapf store.

What Your Cockatiel Likes

Your favorite favorites are lettuce, carrots (with greens), paprika stumps (with seeds), semi-ripe corn on the cob, cucumber, celery, and apples. The food must be offered in bowls that are easy to clean. Stainless steel bowls from your Fressnapf store are durable and can be safely cleaned in the dishwasher. A number of additives are always required by your little aviator and should therefore be offered at all times. These include stomach pebbles, grit, lime picks, sepia shells or crushed eggshells, mineral blocks, and iodine picks.

Your Food is Taboo for the Bird

Even if your cockatiel is keen on everything you eat, your food will remain unhealthy for them and, in the worst case, even be fatal for them. Cockatiels like the taste of salt, but it does last damage to their kidneys. Fatty, dairy products, and meat are also absolutely taboo. The birds are only rarely allowed to crunch dry bread! And don’t forget: Avocados are poison for parakeets! Even if it is sometimes difficult: only a properly nourished bird is a healthy bird. And only with a healthy animal will you be able to enjoy yourself for a long time.

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