What was the name of the dog featured on His Master’s Voice records?

Introduction: His Master’s Voice records

His Master’s Voice (HMV) is a record label that was established in 1899. It was a joint venture between the Gramophone Company in the UK and the Victor Talking Machine Company in the US. The label became famous for its high-quality recordings, which featured some of the most popular musicians of the time. One of the most iconic images associated with the HMV brand is the image of the dog and the gramophone.

The iconic image of the dog and the gramophone

The image of the dog and the gramophone is one of the most recognizable logos in the world. The image features a dog sitting next to a gramophone, listening intently to the sound coming from the horn. The image has been used on HMV record labels, advertisements, and promotional materials for over a century.

The role of the dog in the HMV logo

The dog in the HMV logo is a symbol of fidelity and loyalty. The image was created in 1899 by the painter Francis Barraud. The original painting featured Barraud’s dog, a terrier named Nipper, listening to a gramophone. The painting was initially rejected by the Gramophone Company, but Barraud persisted, and eventually, the image was used as the basis for the HMV logo. The image has since become synonymous with the HMV brand and is recognized all over the world.

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