What time are puffins most active?

Introduction: Puffins and Their Daily Routines

Puffins are small seabirds that belong to the family Alcidae. They are known for their colorful beaks, which change color during the breeding season. Puffins are found in the North Atlantic and the Arctic Ocean, and they spend most of their lives at sea. However, during the breeding season, they come ashore to nest and rear their chicks.

Puffins have a daily routine that revolves around finding food, caring for their young, and avoiding predators. They are active during certain times of the day, and they have specific behaviors that are associated with each phase of their life cycle. Understanding the daily routines of puffins can help us appreciate these fascinating birds and protect them from human disturbance and other threats.

Puffin Habitats: Where They Live and Nest

Puffins live in colonies that are located on rocky cliffs or islands near the sea. They prefer nesting sites that are covered with vegetation, which provides shelter from the wind and predators. Puffins dig burrows or use natural crevices in the rocks to build their nests. They return to the same nesting site year after year, and they may use the same burrow for several breeding seasons.

Puffin colonies are located in different parts of the world, including Iceland, Norway, Greenland, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Some colonies are accessible to tourists, who can observe the birds from a safe distance. However, human disturbance can disrupt the breeding cycle of puffins, so it is important to follow guidelines for responsible wildlife viewing.

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