What is the reason for sibling dogs attacking each other and can it be explained briefly?

Introduction: Sibling Dog Aggression

Sibling dogs are dogs that come from the same litter or were raised together from a young age. While many sibling dogs get along well, there are cases where they may become aggressive towards each other. Sibling dog aggression can be a serious problem that requires careful management and training to prevent harm to both dogs and humans.

Nature vs. Nurture: Genetic Factors

Studies have suggested that some breeds of dogs may be predisposed to aggression, and sibling dogs that share the same genetic makeup may be more likely to exhibit aggressive behavior towards each other. While genetics may play a role in sibling dog aggression, it is important to note that environment and training also have a significant impact on a dog’s behavior.

Resource Guarding: Territorial Aggression

Sibling dogs may become aggressive towards each other over resources such as food, toys, or sleeping spaces. This type of aggression is known as territorial aggression and is a natural behavior in dogs. However, it can become problematic when it leads to fights between siblings. To prevent territorial aggression, it is important to provide each dog with their own resources and to supervise them during mealtimes and playtime.

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