Welsh Pony

This pony comes in different forms. It differs in character and appearance and is divided into four sections (A to D) and the partnered. Section A includes the Welsh Mountain Pony, the archetype of this breed. Section B includes the colloquial Welsh Pony, which we will also go into in more detail here. However, there are also different types for section B. The Welsh Pony-Cob type is divided into Section C. The biggest guys are the Welsh Cobs, who belong to Section D. The Partbred are horses that do not belong to any section, but they look like a Welsh type and have a Welsh blood content of at least 12.5%.

Breed Characteristics and Appearance

How do I recognize a Welsh pony?

In section B there are two different types, on the one hand, the compact pony and on the other hand the more delicate, elegant pony. Otherwise, the head looks noble, not too long, and with a broad forehead. The ears are small, the eyes large and alert. The neck is long and well set on. The shoulders are long and sloping. The Welsh pony has a medium-long and well-muscled back.

What is special about a Welsh pony?

The ponies are robust, reliable, and very capable of learning. Friends of this breed appreciate them not only as sport ponies but also as partners for leisure and family, they are often very personal, trust their caregivers, and are a little reserved towards strangers. Welsh ponies are known for their willingness to perform and their good-natured, fearless demeanor.

How big is a Welsh pony?

Depending on the section, it has a height of up to 122 cm (Section A), up to 137 cm (Sections B and C), and from 137 cm (Section D).

What is the life expectancy of a Welsh pony?

The Welsh pony can live to be 35 years old.

What are the coat colors of the Welsh pony?

The Welsh ponies come as bay, fox, gray, black and fallow.

Traits of Temperament

Are Welsh ponies also suitable for beginners?

Since there are two different types in Section B, find out in advance what is suitable for you. One type of pony is a bit more compact and a bit calmer and more balanced in character. The other type, on the other hand, has a slender build and is a bit more spirited. As a beginner, the former is perhaps the better option. If you are unsure, seek support from a professional.

What behavior and characteristics characterize a Welsh pony?

The ponies are considered good-natured, reliable, friendly, but also powerful and, depending on the type, a bit more spirited.

Origin & History

Where did the Welsh pony originally come from?

The origins of the various Welsh ponies go back to the time of the Celts. Throughout history, other horse breeds that came to the island have been crossed with. In 1901 the WPCS, the Welsh Pony and Cob Society was founded. In 1931 the sections we know today were established.

What were Welsh ponies bred for?

In the origins, the ponies were used as riding horses, in the 19th century sometimes even as pit horses.

Care, Health, Diseases

What should I watch out for when caring for a Welsh pony?

There are no specifics to watch out for with this breed. Regular grooming, a visit to the vet, and a visit to the farrier are part of every horse and pony.

Are there diseases or hereditary diseases typical of the breed in the Welsh pony?

There are no diseases typical of the breed in the Welsh pony, they are considered robust and easy-to-feed. Wrong or overdosed feeding and lack of exercise can lead to obesity and other health problems.

Interesting Facts about Nutrition

What should you watch out for in terms of feeding times and the amount of feed?

The ponies once lived in a rough and barren area. They are more used to eating less food. But our meadows are mostly lush and lush, which is why overfeeding can easily become a health problem for these horses. High-quality hay, poor pastures, and needs-based mineral feed should be on the menu instead. Concentrated feed is only necessary when needed and for sporting activities.

How often should the Welsh pony be fed?

Your horse’s feeding schedule is based on your everyday life. If your pony is kept in an open stable and spends a lot of time in the pasture, it has the opportunity to eat continuously and with little idling in the stomach. Hay feeding should be spread over the day.

Activities with the Welsh Pony

Which sports are suitable for the Welsh pony?

You can use the Welsh pony as a riding pony as well as a driving pony. Whether it is used in tournaments or as a leisure pony is up to you.

How much exercise does a Welsh pony need?

Every horse needs sufficient exercise. Even a Welsh pony, which can be kept very robust, needs exercise and activity. Mental and physical workload should therefore also be on the program.

Consideration before Purchasing

Where can you buy a Welsh pony?

Once you have decided on this breed, think carefully about whether you want to purchase the pony from the breeder or from private hands and whether it should be a foal, yearling, or adult pony. At the breeder, you can learn a lot about Welsh ponies and their background, training, and health.

Where can you find riding participation for a Welsh pony?

First, ask yourself what you would like to see from participating in a horse ride and who might suit you and your pony. Should it only be used for riding or also for driving? Your pony will be happy about any workload. You can find riding participation through advertisements on the Internet, magazines, or other contacts.

Upbringing and Attitude

Is a Welsh Pony right for me?

If you are looking for a family and leisure pony, the Welsh pony is your ideal partner, whether for children or light adults for riding or as a driving pony. You can also successfully compete in tournaments with this breed. With his willingness to perform, good-naturedness and reliability, you will master and delight you every day.

How do I keep a Welsh pony?

The ponies are considered to be very robust and can be kept in open stalls without any problems. However, there should be a shelter under which the animals can stand if necessary. This must offer enough space for the horses and protect them from rain and sun. The floor should also be dry and clean. Contact with conspecifics is very important.

How much space does a Welsh pony need?

The Welsh pony needs sufficient exercise. This means that pure box housing with little exercise is not the right form of housing for this breed. Open stalls with pasture or, alternatively, a paddock, sand area, or the like should be available. Adequate employment is also important for this breed.

How do I transport a Welsh pony?

The breed is not particularly large and not very heavy either. So you can easily transport it in a horse trailer.

Interesting, Worth Knowing, and Extras

Why are Welsh ponies so popular?

The ponies are sturdy, medium-sized horses that are good-natured, willing to perform, and reliable. You are people-oriented, enjoy working, and can achieve amazing things. They are very versatile – they are ponies for the whole family.

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