Training and Husbandry of the German Shorthaired Pointer

The German Shorthaired Pointer is very self-confident and ready to perform. He needs strong leadership and consistent training. He needs this consistent training to keep his strong hunting instinct under control. The right upbringing consists of a partnership and trusting relationship, in which it is made clear who is in charge.

Attention: The German Shorthaired Pointer does not cope well with being treated roughly and yelled at without reason because then it can be that it is offended and no longer wants to work with you.

Due to the fact that he has a very high urge to move, he likes to learn new behavioral structures and also quickly shows initial educational successes. However, he also needs a lot of exercise or other opportunities to be able to really work out, because otherwise, he gets restless pretty quickly.

He basically feels comfortable on any terrain and is actually also suitable for water work, because his fur is dry again in a few minutes because it is so short.

Worth knowing: The German Shorthaired Pointer is more suitable for owners who have already gained experience in training dogs. The dog needs fairly close contact with its owner/keeper and is definitely not suitable for a kennel.

Although he always likes to be around people, he is also good at being alone. But you should first introduce him to loneliness step by step at the beginning so that you can assume that he can really be alone for a long time.

However, despite being such energetic dogs, they are relatively less prone to barking when properly trained. However, like most dog breeds, they bark when they are bored for a long time or when they want to warn their owner of danger or strangers.

Because the German Shorthaired Pointer is a hunting dog, it has a strong hunting instinct and likes to follow tracks outdoors. But in general, because of his loyalty, he always returns home, to his owner.

When his activity needs aren’t being met, his energetic nature means he’ll indulge in anything he can get his hands on.

The German Shorthaired Pointer is more suitable for owners who have already gained experience in training dogs.

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