Top 60 Dog Hotels in Connecticut with Websites

Welcome to our comprehensive guide featuring the top 60 dog hotels in Connecticut, complete with their respective websites. Whether you’re a Connecticut resident looking for the best accommodations for your furry friend or a visitor seeking a reliable and comfortable place for your canine companion, this list will help you find the perfect dog hotel.

Connecticut boasts a wide range of exceptional dog hotels that prioritize the comfort, safety, and well-being of your beloved pets. From luxurious resorts to cozy daycares, these establishments offer a variety of services to cater to your dog’s specific needs, ensuring they receive the utmost care and attention in your absence.

Each entry in our curated list comes with a direct link to the hotel’s website, providing you with convenient access to detailed information about their facilities, services, pricing, and any additional amenities they offer. These websites serve as valuable resources to help you make informed decisions when selecting the ideal accommodation for your furry family member.

Whether you’re searching for a trusted daycare for daily playdates, a professional grooming spa, or a comfortable boarding facility for extended stays, this list covers it all. We understand the importance of finding a dog hotel that aligns with your preferences and meets your dog’s unique requirements, which is why we’ve compiled a diverse selection of reputable establishments throughout Connecticut.

Please note that it’s always a good practice to visit the websites or contact the dog hotels directly for the most up-to-date information regarding their services, availability, and any specific requirements they may have. Your dog’s comfort and happiness are paramount, and this guide is designed to assist you in finding the perfect dog hotel that will provide a safe and enjoyable experience for your furry companion.

Explore the list and discover the top 60 dog hotels in Connecticut, each offering exceptional care and a welcoming environment for your beloved four-legged friend.

  1. The Good Dog Spot –
  2. Club Canine –
  3. Pawz and Purrz –
  4. Wagging Tails Pet Resort –
  5. The Barking Lot –
  6. Doggy Daydreams –
  7. The Crate Escape –
  8. Camp Canine –
  9. The Pawsitive Experience –
  10. The Dog’s Courtyard –
  11. Little Big Doggie Daycare –
  12. The Bark & Meow –
  13. Dogtopia of Southbury –
  14. Dog Days Daycare –
  15. Canine Company –
  16. Poochie Playhouse –
  17. Gooddogz Training –
  18. New Fairfield Animal Hospital –
  19. Furry Tails Day Spa –
  20. Loving Care Kennels –
  21. Bark Avenue Pet House –
  22. Happy Tails –
  23. Four Paws Only –
  24. The Barker Lounge –
  25. Paws & Claws Pet Resort –
  26. Pet Ranch –
  27. Dog Gone Smart –
  28. Playful Paws Playcare –
  29. Paw Play & Stay –
  30. K-9 Cottage –
  31. Ruff House Doggie Day Camp –
  32. Pack Tracks –
  33. Dogtopia of New Haven –
  34. Connecticut Canine Resort –
  35. The Dapper Dog –
  36. Precious Pets –
  37. All Pets Club –
  38. Riverside Pet Care –
  39. 4 Paws Pet Resort –
  40. Park Lane Doggy Daycare –
  41. The Dog Lodge –
  42. Dogology –
  43. DogTown –
  44. Pet Resorts –
  45. K-9 Connection –
  46. South Wilton Veterinary Group –
  47. Paradise Pet Resort & Spa –
  48. Stay & Play Pet Resort –
  49. Paws Resort & Spa –
  50. Central Bark Doggy Day Care –
  51. Dog Dayz Daycare –
  52. Canine Corner –
  53. The Posh Pup –
  54. Fur-Gotten Tails Animal Rescue –
  55. The Good Dog Foundation –
  56. The Animal Haven –
  57. Danbury Animal Welfare Society –
  58. Pack of Paws –
  59. Connecticut Humane Society –
  60. Our Companions Animal Rescue –
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