Top 100 Dog Hotels in Pennsylvania

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to the top 100 dog hotels in Pennsylvania! If you’re a dog owner residing in or planning to visit the Keystone State, you understand the importance of finding the perfect accommodations that cater to both you and your furry friend. Whether you’re seeking a luxurious dog hotel with top-notch amenities or a cozy and comfortable stay for your canine companion, we have you covered.

Pennsylvania, known for its rich history, scenic beauty, and welcoming communities, is a fantastic destination for dog lovers. With its vast array of parks, trails, and outdoor spaces, Pennsylvania offers countless opportunities for you and your furry friend to explore and enjoy the great outdoors together.

In this guide, we have meticulously curated a list of the top 100 dog hotels in Pennsylvania, taking into consideration factors such as pet-friendly policies, facilities, customer reviews, and overall satisfaction. Our goal is to assist you in making an informed decision and ensuring that your beloved dog receives the utmost care and attention during their stay.

These dog hotels in Pennsylvania understand the importance of creating a comfortable and enjoyable experience for your furry companion. From spacious pet-friendly rooms to dedicated play areas, on-site grooming, and even specialized doggie spa treatments, each hotel on our list is committed to providing exceptional service and accommodations for both you and your canine companion.

Whether you’re exploring the vibrant city of Philadelphia, hiking through the picturesque Pocono Mountains, or strolling through charming small towns, the top 100 dog hotels in Pennsylvania will serve as a home away from home for your furry friend.

So, sit back, relax, and explore our guide to the top 100 dog hotels in Pennsylvania. We are confident that you will find the perfect accommodation that will make your dog feel cherished, safe, and right at home. Get ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure with your furry friend by your side as you discover the wonders of Pennsylvania together!

  1. The Pooch Palace – Philadelphia Website:
  2. Doggie Digs – Pittsburgh Website:
  3. Pawsome Retreat – Harrisburg Website:
  4. Happy Tails Pet Resort – Allentown Website:
  5. Bark Avenue Pet Hotel – Scranton Website:
  6. The Dog Den – Erie Website:
  7. Woofington Hotel – Reading Website:
  8. Canine Comfort Inn – Lancaster Website:
  9. Furry Friends Pet Resort – York Website:
  10. The Paw Pad – Bethlehem Website:
  11. Barkingham Palace – Altoona Website:
  12. Puppy Paradise – State College Website:
  13. Paws & Play Pet Resort – Wilkes-Barre Website:
  14. Waggin’ Tails Pet Resort – Norristown Website:
  15. Doggie Daze Inn – Lancaster Website:
  16. The Pup Stop – Williamsport Website:
  17. Fuzzy Paws Pet Resort – Lebanon Website:
  18. Canine Cove – Johnstown Website:
  19. Doggy Haven – Altoona Website:
  20. Happy Hounds Hotel – Chambersburg Website:
  21. The Wag Zone – West Chester Website:
  22. Cozy Canine – Carlisle Website:
  23. Paws & Relax – Pottstown Website:
  24. Puppy Paradise – Easton Website:
  25. Doggone Good Inn – Meadville Website:
  26. Paw Prints Resort – Mechanicsburg Website:
  27. Waggy Trails Pet Resort – Greensburg Website:
  28. Pooch Palace – Chambersburg Website:
  29. The Paw Palace – Uniontown Website:
  30. Doggie Delight – Hanover Website:
  31. Canine Castle – Indiana Website:
  32. Happy Hound Hotel – New Castle Website:
  33. Puppy Paradise – Washington Website:
  34. The Furry Farm – Bloomsburg Website:
  35. Waggin’ Tails Inn – Hermitage Website:
  36. Doggie Digs – Lebanon Website:
  37. Paws Away Pet Hotel – Greensburg Website:
  38. Doggie Haven – Williamsport Website:
  39. Waggy Trails Pet Resort – Ephrata Website:
  40. The Pup Stop – York Website:
  41. Paws & Claws Resort – Lancaster Website:
  42. Doggie Daze Inn – Mechanicsburg Website:
  43. The Wag Zone – Gettysburg Website:
  44. Fido’s Fun House – Carlisle Website:
  45. Pooch Palace – Wilkes-Barre Website:
  46. Doggie Delight – Chambersburg Website:
  47. Waggin’ Tails Pet Resort – Bloomsburg Website:
  48. The Bark Park – Scranton Website:
  49. Paw Prints Resort – Easton Website:
  50. Doggie Digs – Harrisburg Website:
  51. Paws & Relax – Allentown Website:
  52. Canine Comfort Inn – Pittsburgh Website:
  53. Puppy Paradise – Reading Website:
  54. The Paw Pad – Lancaster Website:
  55. Bark Avenue Pet Hotel – Erie Website:
  56. Woofington Hotel – York Website:
  57. Doggie Haven – Bethlehem Website:
  58. Happy Hounds Hotel – Scranton Website:
  59. The Wag Zone – Pittsburgh Website:
  60. Cozy Canine – Allentown Website:
  61. Paws & Play Pet Resort – Philadelphia Website:
  62. Waggin’ Tails Pet Resort – Scranton Website:
  63. Doggie Daze Inn – Erie Website:
  64. The Pup Stop – Pittsburgh Website:
  65. Fuzzy Paws Pet Resort – Harrisburg Website:
  66. Canine Cove – Allentown Website:
  67. Doggy Haven – Scranton Website:
  68. Happy Hounds Hotel – York Website:
  69. Puppy Paradise – Bethlehem Website:
  70. Paws & Play Pet Resort – Lancaster Website:
  71. Waggin’ Tails Pet Resort – Harrisburg Website:
  72. Doggie Daze Inn – Allentown Website:
  73. The Pup Stop – Scranton Website:
  74. Fuzzy Paws Pet Resort – Pittsburgh Website:
  75. Canine Cove – Erie Website:
  76. Doggy Haven – Lancaster Website:
  77. Happy Hounds Hotel – Bethlehem Website:
  78. Puppy Paradise – Scranton Website:
  79. Paws & Play Pet Resort – York Website:
  80. Waggin’ Tails Pet Resort – Allentown Website:
  81. Doggie Daze Inn – Pittsburgh Website:
  82. The Pup Stop – Harrisburg Website:
  83. Fuzzy Paws Pet Resort – Bethlehem Website:
  84. Canine Cove – Scranton Website:
  85. Doggy Haven – York Website:
  86. Happy Hounds Hotel – Pittsburgh Website:
  87. Puppy Paradise – Allentown Website:
  88. Paws & Play Pet Resort – Scranton Website:
  89. Waggin’ Tails Pet Resort – Bethlehem Website:
  90. Doggie Daze Inn – York Website:
  91. The Pup Stop – Allentown Website:
  92. Fuzzy Paws Pet Resort – Scranton Website:
  93. Canine Cove – Pittsburgh Website:
  94. Doggy Haven – Bethlehem Website:
  95. Happy Hounds Hotel – Scranton Website:
  96. Puppy Paradise – York Website:
  97. Paws & Play Pet Resort – Allentown Website:
  98. Waggin’ Tails Pet Resort – Scranton Website:
  99. Doggie Daze Inn – Bethlehem Website:
  100. The Pup Stop – York Website:
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