This Is Why Your Dog Sometimes Dislikes Being Petted

Dogs love to be stroked, but in many situations, the dog does not want to be stroked. Why is this so? We have the answers.

Do you know that too? Sometimes your handsome man smiles after petting. And sometimes he dodges when he wants to pat him gently on the head. If your dog doesn’t want you to pet him, it usually has to do with when and how.

Just put yourself in the shoes of your four-legged friend: you probably also like it when someone massages your back or gently strokes your head. However, there are situations in which you can do without it – for example, when you are very focused or you have a business meeting.

And sometimes you want a back massage – and then they begin to caress your face. That’s not good either, is it?

Not Every Dog Can Be Petted at All Times

Your dog sometimes feels the same way. If he then runs away from your attention, this does not mean that he never wants you to pet him. Not now. And it’s not like that.

“Most dogs like to be petted, especially when they are lying comfortably and quietly somewhere,” the doctor explains. Patricia McConnell, Animal Behavior Expert, for The Bark. It looks very different when they play and are suddenly stroked. Then many four-legged friends simply shy away.

In addition, dogs do not like to be stroked by everyone. And there are body parts that they prefer more than others. These include, among others:

  • on the side of the head
  • under the ears and under the chin
  • on the chest
  • on the lower back

This is true at least for the vast majority of dogs. However, if your dog is stressed or reacts aggressively to touching these areas, it is best to pet where he appears to be relaxing. In addition, dogs especially enjoy gentle stroking and rubbing movements. Many do not tolerate vigorous patting.

All this sounds natural, but misunderstandings always arise between the dog and the owner. Because where one supposedly does something good for another, the other feels punished. Such misunderstandings can ultimately exacerbate the relationship between humans and animals. And that would be a real shame.

The next time you pet your dog and he doesn’t like it, try putting yourself in his shoes. How can you hug him to make him feel comfortable? A bit of common sense – or should it be more like a dog’s instinct? – You will definitely find the kind of petting that your dog will like.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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