These Snow Games Are Guaranteed To Please Your Dog

Even if it’s cold outside, your dog should go outside. If your fur nose is physically healthy, it should exercise enough. These ideas make it even more fun to tinker with your dog in the snow.

Exciting winter games keep your dog entertained in a variety of ways, even during the colder months. Snow shouldn’t be a deterrent if your dog is physically fit.

However, when the snow cover is thick, the balls often fall through. If your dog grabs the ball, it will also pack a lot of snow. And you should avoid this. Because: Cold irritates your dog’s stomach lining, which can lead to gastritis with various problems in the gastrointestinal tract.

Feather-Light Balls Ideal for Dogs in the Snow

Instead, throw feather-light balls, dog frisbees, or swim toys that glide across the snow.

Light balloons are also great for the dark season. They are easy to find even in dense bushes, and they are also visible in the fog.

If there is enough snow, you can make small paths out of the snow for your dog. A wall to jump over, a thick ball for your dog to step on, or a board on a snow globe that turns into a swing.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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