The Token/Panther Gecko, a Nocturnal Animal, Suitable for Beginners

The token, often also spelled token, is known as the panther gecko. The scientific name is “Gekko gecko”. The token is very often kept in terrariums. He is uncomplicated in the care and keeping and is nocturnal. The token is well suited for beginners in terrorists.

Description and Characteristics of the Token

The token has a sturdy body and a head that is clearly separated from the neck. Because of its nocturnal activity, it has a well-known slit or slit pupils. He has no eyelids, his eyes, like snakes and most other geckos, are protected by glasses that are renewed with the molt.

Its greenish-gray body is equipped with large light red to orange-colored spots. Like almost all geckos, the token can shed its tail when threatened. The token can reach a total length of up to 35 cm. As a rule, however, the average is 20 to 25 cm total length. Nevertheless, the token is one of the largest gecko species. It is the second-largest gecko from Southeast Asia.

The Behavior and Way of Life of the Token

Tokens are nocturnal hunters. During the day they stay in knotholes or tree hollows. The name Token comes from the fact that the animal makes sounds that sound like “Token”, almost as loud as a dog barking. Tokens can bite hard if you want to grab them. Like many geckos, the token can also walk on vertical surfaces and on ceilings, as it is equipped with adhesive strips on the toes. In contrast to most other gecko species, it does brood care, which means it protects its young instead of devouring them.

Distribution and Origin of the Token

The home of the token is Southeast Asia. There he lives in tropical rainforests near the equator. Tokens are cultural followers, which means that they can often be seen near human habitation as well. They are tolerated by the locals and are even considered lucky charms as they eat vermin such as mosquitoes, small mice, and flies.

How a Token Feeds Itself

At night, when the token becomes active, it goes hunting for prey. Tokens are very greedy and can’t get enough to eat. Insects of all kinds such as spiders, crickets, and grasshoppers are on the main menu of a token. In the terrarium, you should dust the food insects well with vitamins.

The Token in the Terrarium

Tokens should always be kept in pairs or in small groups, but with a maximum of one male. The terrarium should not be smaller than the minimum dimensions of approximately 80 x 60 x 100 cm. Set up a forest terrarium – with soil as the substrate and branches, plants, bark, and cork plates as climbing options for the rear and sidewalls. Always make sure that the humidity is constant because as a rainforest animal, this is essential for the token.

Note on Species Protection

Many terrarium animals are under species protection because their populations in the wild are endangered or could be endangered in the future. Therefore the trade is partly regulated by law. However, there are already many animals from German offspring. Before buying animals, please inquire whether special legal provisions need to be observed.

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