Sociability of Smooth Fox Terriers

The Fox Terrier loves to play with children. Dogs and children have about the same employment needs and are therefore perfect as playmates. When dealing with children, the terrier is very loving and caring if the child accepts their boundaries.

In order to enable safe play, he should get to know Fox Terrier children well. The children should know how to deal with dogs and respect certain manners. Then nothing stands in the way of playing.

The most important rules:

  • Never let your dog and child out of your sight;
  • Accept the dog’s need for rest;
  • Don’t play too loud – this can stress the dog.

Fox Terriers like to control everything that moves. With their dominant nature, they can easily clash with cats. Fox terriers and cats can only live together if they both grew up together and know each other well.

They may never be best friends, but they get along well. They are relatively confident dogs who rarely avoid a fight with other dogs. They’re also prone to jealousy, so it’s easier to get along with other dogs if they grow up together.

Fox Terriers are loyal companions, but they need a lot of exercise and exercise. This breed is well suited for young-at-heart retirees to keep fit. However, one should question their fitness and energy levels before bringing a fox terrier into the family.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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