Seniors & Dogs: Who Goes With Whom?

Dogs bring momentum and structure to everyday life. They need attention and are loyal companions in all situations. A dog can give seniors in particular a new attitude to life: Dogs keep their masters and mistresses fit, drive away loneliness, and help them make new contacts. Dogs are considered to be true fountains of youth for seniors.

The choice of the right breed can be very different depending on the preferences and needs of the future dog owner.

Ideal for older people are representatives of small breeds of dogs. Whether short-haired or long-haired, affectionate and cuddly or active and spirited – every senior will find a suitable partner here. And smaller dog breeds can still be kept and cared for in a manner appropriate to their species, even if their owners’ physical strength and fitness are slowly decreasing.

“Puppies or young dogs have an enormous need for exercise and also a lot of nonsense on their minds. They must first be housebroken, educated, and attend a dog school. That’s why we generally recommend the purchase of adult dogs. Animal shelters are full of dogs that are also suitable for elderly people and these would also do something really good: provide a home and care for an abandoned dog,” says Dr. Christiane Gothe.

If you are looking for a small dog at an advanced age, you will find a loving companion in the Affenpinscher, the French Bulldog, the Maltese, or the Shih Tzu. All these dog breeds have a relatively low need for exercise and can be kept in the apartment without any problems.

Just as different as the characters of the small dogs are the demands on their keeping. Long-haired breeds like the Pekingese and Yorkshire Terrier require daily grooming. Active breeds want to be kept busy and need plenty of exercises. Every senior should therefore inform themselves well in advance and consider which dog they would like to share their life with in the future.

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Written by Ava Williams

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