Roundworms Are Dangerous For Dogs Even In Winter

Roundworms are one of the most common parasites in dogs. Because the eggs are very hardy, they can survive the winter and be eaten by dogs. Here’s everything you need to know about this topic.

No matter how well-groomed and healthy your dog is, it can become infected with Ascaris faster than you think. It is enough for him to swallow eggs with the feces of another dog while playing in the fresh air. And: maybe you even carry eggs to the house with your shoes on.

Dogs often take their eggs by mouth, from where they enter the intestines, hatch, and implant there. Puppies can also become infected with roundworms: either they become infected with the parasite in the womb, or they drink the milk of a sick mother.

Roundworm Eggs Survive Even in Winter

Roundworms are a very common type of parasite that is easily transmitted through the feces of dogs or other animals. Fecal samples from dog parks in these countries and cities showed that nearly 30 percent of the samples were infected with roundworms. And unlike other pests, whose eggs die in winter at low temperatures, roundworm eggs survive in winter. “Roundworm eggs have a strong protective layer, they are not sensitive to extreme temperatures and can survive in nature for months or even years,” explains veterinarian Dr. Craig Prior to the international dog magazine “Dogster”.

How to Tell If Dogs Have Roundworms

Identifying the symptoms of roundworm in dogs is not easy. Puppies with roundworms usually develop poorly or barely grow, as reported by the CDC of the US Health Administration. Other signs are dull fur and a thick belly.

Some dogs with roundworms also cough or have diarrhea – especially in puppies, severe roundworm infections can be fatal. It is best to have your dog checked regularly for worms by a veterinarian.

Since roundworms are very common in dogs, you should always pay attention to good hygiene practices when dealing with your four-legged friend, because people can also get roundworms in dogs. Therefore, always wash your hands immediately after touching an animal, its droppings, food, toys, or baskets.

How to Avoid Roundworms in Your Dog

To reduce the risk of contracting roundworms, you should always keep your dog’s living rooms clean. Also, don’t let him sniff or even eat other dogs’ droppings. By collecting your own dog’s feces immediately, you also help prevent the parasite from spreading further.

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