Proper Grooming Of Dogs

If you have a dog, you not only have to take it for walks a lot and make sure that its high-quality food provides it with all the vitamins and nutrients it needs.

The care of the animals is also part of the job as a dog owner because your pet’s fur depends on your care in order to stay healthy and not stress the animal. Coat care is particularly important, but depending on the breed of dog, this is not particularly easy. Whether brushing, washing, or trimming, in this article we will inform you about grooming for long and short dog fur and especially when the fur changes.

It’s all about the fur

How a dog’s fur needs to be cared for depends on the type of fur. There is dog fur that does not require any grooming, types of fur that require the fur to be trimmed or the dog shaved or types of fur that require regular brushing of the dog. So not every coat has to be washed.

Grooming in long-haired dogs

A dog with a long coat needs special care, which can vary in intensity depending on the thickness and structure of the coat. For example, there is the simple and easy-care long-haired coat, as is the case with the German Shepherd, Collie or Spitz.

The simple long-haired coat needs to be brushed thoroughly several times a week.

However, if the dog has a very thick coat that tends to become matted quickly, it is important to brush it thoroughly every day if possible. If there is no time to brush the entire dog, at least the critical areas should be brushed and combed. This includes the head with the places behind the ear, under the armpits, and the fur around the genitals as well as the paws of the animals. Of course, the rest of the cat should definitely be brushed every two days so that the loose hair can be removed and the coat does not become matted.

How is the fur brushed?

With long-haired dogs, the fur is first brushed against the grain. This is how the loose hair can be removed. It is best to use a wire or natural brush. Now you have to work from the front to the back, but now you brush in the direction of growth. You brush with one hand while the other hand glides over the fur. It is best if the dog lies on its side. The dog should also be combed with different brushes. You don’t have to compulsively remove smaller tangles with a brush or comb. These can also be easily untied by hand. However, severe tangles usually need to be trimmed off. But please be careful not to hurt your dog. The hair is particularly dense on the upper back, so a lot of care is required there. It is important not only to brush the dog, but also to take a look at your pet’s skin so that you do not overlook any changes here, but always recognize them at an early stage. So you can intervene directly and prevent worse.

Which care products and aids are needed for dogs with long fur?

In order to be able to optimally care for your dog’s coat, you need more than just a little time. A fur comb, like the fur brush, is part of the basic equipment for grooming. Products with natural bristles or with wire bristles that are coated are particularly well suited. Plastic items can break more easily and also cause an electrostatic charge. If your dog has a lot of undercoats, you should also have a so-called detangling rake and a special undercoat brush. With a little practice and possible introduction by a professional dog hairdresser, trimming curly fur is no longer a problem. There are also special brushes so that the top coat is not damaged, but dead skin particles and loose undercoat can be removed.

Bath and cut?

Dog fur does not necessarily have to be bathed. However, if your four-legged friend has been rolling around in the field again and smells bad, there is of course no way around a bath. But it is now important that you use special and gentle dog shampoo. This does not attack the fur as much but also contains important nutrients for the skin. However, you shouldn’t bathe your dog too often either, as this isn’t done in the natural environment either. In addition, many dogs do not like bathing very much or are even very afraid of it.

The care of short dog fur

Even short fur needs to be cared for. So the care of a short coat does not necessarily have to be less intensive than with a long coat. Because in this case, too, the structure and the density of the fur determine the amount of care required. While some dogs will do just fine with a weekly brushing, other breeds will need trimming, bathing, or clipping.

Brush and comb short coats

Of course, you also need to groom dogs that have short hair. For dogs that also have a thick undercoat or a very dense coat, it is important to brush them regularly. While the boxer or the short-haired dachshund only needs to be brushed once or twice a week and the coat is not shaved, dogs with bristly and dense coats of wire-haired breeds need much more care.

These breeds, which include many terriers, for example, should have their coat brushed at least every other day. It is important that you take care not to neglect the undercoat. So it is important to trim the thick undercoat and the dead top coat regularly. This not only looks nicer but is also extremely important for the skin health of the animals. This is the only way your dog’s skin can breathe well and new fur can grow back. You should have a dog groomer explain to you exactly how trimming works the first time you use it.

What is required for grooming short dog hair?

Here, too, you as a dog owner need a lot of accessories, which, however, depend heavily on the breed and the condition of the fur. A fur comb and a brush are required for all breeds. Also this time you should not use plastic, but natural brushes or coated wire bristles. The trimmer is also a must for some dog breeds and with a terrier, you should also think of the scissors, which you will need especially for cutting the fur around the eyes.

Bathing and washing

You should only bathe your dog when absolutely necessary. In order to protect the fur as best as possible, you should use a special dog shampoo, which is very gentle. If your dog likes the water and is not afraid of bathing, you can of course wash it more often, but you should avoid additives or shampoo and only use clear water in these cases.

The change in fur

The dog changes its fur twice a year. That means grooming is even more important. Now the undercoat is particularly loose and the skin is unnecessarily burdened by this fur. In addition, the dog loses its fur everywhere in the house or apartment, which can quickly become stressful for you too. During this time, brush your dog several times a day and help him change his coat quickly and easily. However, you should do the brushing in the fresh air and not necessarily in the house or apartment, because at this time your dog loses a lot of hair, which likes to fly around when brushing.


Many dog owners are not even aware of the importance of grooming their pets. If not properly cared for, it can result in skin irritation, a dull coat, or even skin soreness and itching. Therefore, pay attention to the smallest changes and also make sure that you provide your dog with sufficient vitamins. Because these also play an enormously important role in the coat. Only dogs with shiny coats are healthy and happy.

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