Poodle: Dog Breed Facts & Information

Country of origin: France
Shoulder height: toy Poodle (under 28 cm), miniature Poodle (28 – 35 cm), standard Poodle (45 – 60 cm)
Weight: 5 – 10 kg, 12 – 14 kg, 15 – 20 kg, 28 – 30 kg
Age: 12 – 15 years
Color: black, white, brown, grey, apricot, red dun, piebald
Use: Companion dog, companion dog, the family dog

The Poodle originally descended from water dogs but is now the classic companion dog. It is intelligent, docile, and socially acceptable and makes every novice dog happy. The different sizes and colors in which the poodle is bred offer something for every taste – from the playful toy Poodle to the hard-working standard poodle. Another plus: the poodle does not shed.

Origin and history

The Poodle was originally used specifically for water hunting of wildfowl and is descended from the French Barbet. Over time, the Barbet and the Poodle became more and more separated and the poodle largely lost its hunting characteristics. All he has left is the joy of retrieving.

Because of its friendly nature, loyalty, and its docility, the Poodle is a widespread and very popular family and social dog.


The Poodle is a harmoniously built dog with an almost square physique. Its ears are long and drooping, the tail is set high and slanting upwards. Its head is rather narrow, the snout elongated.

The crinkled to curly fine coat, which feels woolly and soft, is characteristic of the poodle. A distinction is made between the wool poodle and the rarer corded poodle, in which the hair forms long cords. The Poodle’s coat is not subject to any change of season and must be clipped regularly. So Poodles don’t shed either.

The Poodle is bred in the colors black, white, brown, grey, apricot, and reddish dun and has four sizes:

  • Toy Poodle (under 28 cm)
  • Miniature Poodle (28 – 35 cm)
  • Standard Poodle or king Poodle (45 – 60 cm)

So-called teacup Poodles with a shoulder height of less than 20 cm are not recognized by international breed clubs. The term teacup in connection with a dog breed is a pure marketing invention by dubious breeders who want to sell particularly dwarf specimens under this term ( teacup dogs – small, smaller, microscopic ).


The Poodle is a happy and outgoing dog that bonds closely with its caregiver. When dealing with other dogs, the Poodle is tolerable, other people hardly interest him.

The Poodle is known for its intelligence and its ability to learn and train, which makes it a particularly pleasant companion dog, but also an easily motivated partner for dog sports activities such as agility or obedience. Standard Poodles are also trained as disaster relief dogs and guide dogs for the blind.

The Poodle requires activity and exercise, so it is not suitable for lazy people.

Poodles need to be clipped regularly and – if their fur is a little longer – brushed at least weekly to keep their fur from matting.

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